Professionally Animated Sales Videos That Explain What You Do and Creates a “WOW” Feeling For Your Business

We have negotiated with scriptwriters, voice-over artists, and animators to give you everything from concept to finished animation for just $397.

Watch video to see an example of how your video can look like. Length: 98 seconds

Grab Visitors’ Attention The average Internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video. (Mist Media)

Build Trust Prospects love to buy from people they trust. You’ll be able to show your personality and establish a personal connection with prospects.

Explain Your Solution Touch on your audience’s pain points, answer frequently asked questions & get to the heart of what your product does.

Be Remembered The Wharton School of Business showed that video boosts comprehension and retention by 50% over just merely reading about something!

Some of the best companies rely on Frame Freak Studio.

Coca Cola - Cartoon Animation Studio
Burger King - Cartoon Animation Studio
Unilever - Cartoon Animation Studio
Fanta - Cartoon Animation Studio
Citi - Cartoon Animation Studio
Pizza Hut - Cartoon Animation Studio

Increased Sales and Greater Engagement

 Explain what your business does.

We simplify your message. More information is usually not better, but a simple message that is easy to remember has a greater chance of success. If you try to pour 5 liters of water into a 2 liter bowl, it will flood. The brain works the same.

 Remember 58% better.

According to Dual Coding Theory, people remember 58% more when both hearing and sight are used. We use this in each film by using visual instruments that strengthen what is said by the voice.

 Capture attention quickly.

For films to be profitable, people have to watch. Therefore, we place a lot of effort on capturing and keeping attention. Simultaneously, we deliver your message so that it actually connects with the viewer.

 Give viewers a “WOW” feeling.

We will help you tell your company story in a memorable way. Our professional scriptwriters get what you want to say through an interesting story that gives a “WOW” feeling.

 Increase the number of leads & customers.

An animated video gives life to your pitch and does the job for you. It tells what your business does in a way that educates and maintains interested the client, while providing more business for you than just text or speech.

 Rank higher in search engines.

YouTube is already the world’s second largest search engine. Video takes more and more of the total traffic on the web every day, especially on Google. With movies on your website you have the opportunity to rank higher in search engines and reach more customers.

 Get help from the experts.

We really put a lot of attention in your company. So that we understand your customer group, your goals and the core of your product. Then we can guide you and advise you to create a perfect animation for your business. Our philosophy is that your marketing (video, text, audio, images) is designed to do one thing: transfer information from one brain to another. And thus, sell your product / service!

 Tailored movie with everything included.

We do the job for you. We write your script, get the correct voice and background music. And then put everything together into a engaging animated video. You are involved throughout the process and are able to provide feedback in each step of it.

The Guardian had it right when it said “online video is the future of marketing.” Check out these statistics:

Using video in email marketing campaigns increased revenue by 4 times (Relevancy Group)

80% of internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the last 30 days (Online Publishers Association)

Users are 64% more likely to make a purchase or enquiry if a website has video (comScore)

A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. (Forrester Research)

 90% of shoppers found video helpful during buying decisions online (comScore)

Video in email marketing campaigns increased clickthrough-rates by 96% (Implix)

Emails with explainer videos increased clickthrough-rates by 200% – 300%. (Forrester Research)

The chance of a page one listing on Google increases by 53 times with a video (Forrester Research)

 Previous Productions

Frame Freak Studio has helped 100+ companies  over 20 countries to tell their story by producing memorable animations that create understanding and confidence in their brands. See more animations on our YouTube channel.

There is room for 4 projects in a month

We take our job seriously, and goes into depth with each client. Since we only have so many hours a week, so we can only accept four film projects every month.


These videos are not for everyone. The compromise that needs to be done to be able to offer these prices is that this offer only covers simple 2D animation.


This suits small business owners who are not in looking for a Disney animation quality, but instead want to explain something in a fast and easy way.

2D Simple Animation (This Offer)

Premium Animation (Not in this Offer)

If you want this kind of animation get in touch with us.

A Proven Production Process That Allow Us Work Together At Distance

You will be involved in the project and will provide feedback at every step of the creation process so we can make sure that you will be 100% satisfied. You can always access us by phone, Skype or email.

Step 1: Fill in the creative brief


After placing your order by filling the form below you will receive an email with our creative brief. This brief contains all the questions necessary for  us to create a script for you. Take your time to answer as detailed as possible.


With this we’ll find out:
■ Your ideal target client
■ Your goals for this video
■ Your company’s graphic profile
■ What kind of graphics and animations you like
■ The core of your product or service


Here we can also set up a call to discuss your project further if you want.

Step 2: We create your script


Based on the answers of the creative brief and our calls our script writers will make a concept and write your script*. Here you will see what the voice artist will say in the video and have a chance to ask for changes if you want.


We usually follow a proven formula**:
■ Catch the Attention of the Viewer
■ Define the problem
■ Offer a Solution (Your Product or Service)
■ Show proof that it works
■ Invite to take an action


* If you have written your own script, we would like to help you get rid of it
**Source: “How to Write A Good Advertisement” by Victor O. Schwab

Step 3: Voice Over and Music


We will provide you with a list of professional voice over artists that will highlight the right feeling for your business and choose from one of them at this point you will also choose a background song from our music library for your video.


The voice over plus the music will set the one in you sales video. People buy feelings so we need to make sure that this gets done right, after the voice over is done you will be able to hear it and ask changes if necessary until it’s perfect.

Step 4: We begin your sales video


Once everything is done, we will send you a sample of visual styles for you to choose the one you like the most for your animated video. From there we will take all the elements to begin creating the animation.


Our 2D animators will put together a simple version first for you to check and approve all the graphics and make changes, once that’s set we will continue to fully animate the elements and will continue to show our process until the video is just right.

Step 5: Your sales video is delivered


Your sales video will be delivered in HD 1080p quality. You now own the video and can use it on your website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. Also you can use this in presentations at sales meetings.


Delivery time is about 4 weeks. Our clients usually vary in terms of response time. So time of delivery also depends a lot on how fast you are at sending us your feedback. If you’re pretty fast at delivery your feedback then the process might be shorter in time.


For best results cooperation is required. During the project, we need your feedback and the opportunity to check back and forth with you to be sure that we’re creating something that you love. It will not take you more than 1 hour of your time (at most) and you can do this by phone, Skype or email.

 Over 100 Satisfied Customers in more than 20 Countries Around the World

Here are some testimonials of our clients.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Frame Freak. They worked closely with us to develop a style and workflow that allowed us to meet our deadlines and produce a great show that our audience loved! Simply put, they deliver! I really appreciate all the hard work you guys put into this! We will 100% think of you guys first for any/all future animated projects.”

Nick Scarpino Kinda Funny

“Frame Freak Studio made my day when they sent me my gorgeous new sales video! If you’re looking for some quick help getting your wesbite or online business set up, I highly recommend you talk to my man Rodrigo at I’ve worked closely with him, so I know he is one of the most ambitious, hard working, dedicated guys out there, he delivers excellent quality, fast turnaround, very tentative and good prices Rodrigo you ROCK my man! Truly EPIC!”

Cody McKibben Digital Nomad Academy

“Not only is the video I received exactly what my business needed, Rodrigo and Frame Freak Studios were extremely easy to work with. Between their amazing work and customer service, I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Frame Freak. I’ll definitely be using them again in the future.”

Brandyn Shoemaker The Hero Bag

“It was wonderful to work with them, they helped design a beautiful video for us. They were able to provide helpful suggestions for the design and direction we should go in. They were flexible with ideas and patient to work with. They communicated throughout the process and delivered amazing results. We will keep them in mind for future projects!”

Lauren Campbell Synergy

“THANK YOU for all the work over a very short window of time that you all did! We had a very successful show and the animations were a nice change to the traditional videos of industrial robots moving engine blocks. My compliments to you for the great team that you have built up and to Enrique for managing us all through a tricky window.”

Steve Baldacci Robotic Vision Technologies

“Frame Freak Studio was great. They worked well from the brief I gave them and delivered exactly what I was after. The work was completed in good time, and to an excellent standard. Fantastic communication and delivery. I’d certainly recommend Frame Freak Studio, and hope to use their skills again soon.”

Angela Vickers Nudge Media

“I was struggling with some online business issues I couldn’t resolve on my own for my personal start up. I’m not a programmer or as tech savvy as I needed to be and had hit a block in my process. I got in touch with a friend and he recommended Frame Freak Studio and I got in touch with them. They helped me out with some tips on SEO, Marketing Strategies and also did my online video. It was really a very professional job done. Very affordable and delivered by the time they said they would. I now consider myself a fan, and will likely work with them again.”

Christian Lemus Profile For Me

“Fantastic work and really pleased with the results. Rodrigo was exceptionally patient while we fine tuned the design and really went the extra mile to make sure we were 100% happy. Highly recommended!”

Ben Clifford Erjjio Studios

“Rodrigo delivered a stellar video that was everything I asked for, and even more considering his attention to detail and some excellent last minute edits. I couldn’t be happier!”

Sean Platt Collective Inkwell

“Incredibly impressed by Frame Freak Studio’s work. They were very easy to work with, prompt and created exactly what we needed! Highly recommended.”

Dinushi Dias D&P

So How Much Will My Video Cost?

These are fixed prices and include script, voice over, music and of course the animation.

30 Seconds Animated Video


Brief explanation of a simple idea.Get Started!

60 Seconds Animated Video


Most popular. Fit for most businesses.Get Started!

90 Seconds Animated Video


Good explanation + time for the sales pitch.Get Started!

120 Seconds Animated Video


Depth explanation + time for the sales pitchGet Started!

Get a 10% discount for orders of 3+ videos


Many of our customers are interested in a series of videos. As a bonus, you get now a 10% discount on the purchase of 3 (or more) videos. Perfect for those who want to do a series that describes all the features of your product or showing other parts of the company. Your discount appears on the invoice.

Your order includes:

Own Project Manager – He’ll organize the entire project with you
Concept & Idea – Based on the brief and our discussions
Script – Our copywriter will write a creative script
Graphics – Customized according to your company’s graphic profile
2D Animation – Created by our experts in animation
Professional Voice – Choose from our professional voice over actors
Background music – Any melody that creates the right feeling for your video
Unlimited Revisions – For a limited time we’re offering unlimited changes

Totally Satisfied or your money back

Order a video from Frame Freak and if we are unable to deliver the quality of video you expected simply notify us with seven days of receipt of the final version of the video and we’ll give you a full refund of your purchase price! That’s how sure we are that we can deliver exactly what you need to boost sales.

Add Your Order Below

Tell us briefly about what you need. Then, you’ll answer a few questions in our brief. Payment is done via invoice when the project starts. We will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your project. The project does not start until you have given us the green light and the invoice has been paid.

Have a Question?

Are there additional costs?

No. A 30 second video will cost you $397 and that’s it.

10-30 seconds – $397 USD
31-60 seconds – $697 USD
61-90 seconds – $997 USD
91-120 seconds – $1,297 USD

NOTE: If you want this video for TV advertising there will be an extra charge to get the copyright. Charges will vary depending on the language you want or the elements you wish to use, but it’s usually around $400 extra. So your project will end up costing about $797 ($397 for the video and $400 for the copyright).

What if I am not satisfied?

You always get the chance to give two rounds of feedback every step of the process (script, voice, animation, etc.) which we’ll fix. It happens that you are not completely satisfied after the first draft. If you are not satisfied after our second attempt, which is very unusual, you can ask for a third draft for $50 or take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee.

Do I get to choose my voiceover artist?

Yes, you will have the option of selecting between North American Male & Female, as well as UK or Australian. Other nationalities can be sourced on request.

Ok, let’s do it! What’s the next step?

Add an order by filling in the form avobe. Then, you’ll answer a few questions in our brief and we’ll get back within 24 hours to set a start date and clear any doubt with you. The project manager Rodrigo will help you through the entire production of the film.

We will be communicating with you every step of the way through email so you will be able to give your feedback and approval at every step in the process (script, voice, animation, etc.). We can also use Skype or Facebook if you want. We’ll be available to you all the time via phone, Skype or email.

NOTE: We do not begin your project until we talk to and you give us the green light and the invoice has been paid. Payment is done via invoice when the project starts.

Can you get a film in a language other than English or Spanish?

Definitely! We can (virtually) fix a professional voice in any language you want. Just remember to mention it when you make the order. If you want your video made in more than one language then it costs $200 more per language for every 30 seconds.

Example: Let’s say you order a 30 second video in English and you want the Spanish version, you’ll get the video in the 2 versions. The English one for $397 and the Spanish one for $200 more.

How long should my film be?

It depends on how you intend to use it. But nowadays, people have short attention spans. Therefore, it is important to keep the video short and to the point while still obtaining all the necessary information. Usually, we can’t take everything you ask for but It’s OK. The video only needs to provide enough information to get viewers interested in taking the next step (buy, give you their contact info, try for free, and so forth).

We recommend:

30s – Explain briefly a relatively simple idea.
60s – Explain calmly and make arguments for purchase.
90s – For those who require longer explanations. More time on the sales pitch, etc.
120s – For far more advanced products and services.

How much content will fit in a movie? We usually write your script in the next format: 1) identify the problem 2) show product / service solution 3) Call to Action Watch the videos above to see approximately how much info we can get in a movie depending on the time.

Do you offer other animation styles?

Yes, if you are interested in other animation styles we offer other than motion graphics, email our team directly at

I Want To Talk To Someone First…

No worries! Send an email to and we will answer any questions you may have.